The Hill Mode

About the main mode

Camping on the hill is fun. But even if you are not afraid of camping on this hill where there is no one, it is useful to be careful. Killer clowns may suddenly be on your side.

• Survive the Hill is an asymmetric multiplayer/co-op survival experience with a minimum of 4 players and supporting Single 1 vs to 1v8 Co-op (customizable to player taste) and AI counter scenarios.

• Survive The Hill is a multiplayer until (8 vs 1) horror game where one player takes the role of a random killer clown and four other players play as survivors to avoid being killed or turned into a zombie by escaping the killer clown.

Hill’ mode is the main mode of the game.

Survive The hill is a game whose content has been expanded with different game modes by taking current developments in its content.

Protect parts of the open world
Survive the killer clown on the hill
Create your escape plan and survive
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