Are you ready to join the endeavour missions for the salvation of humanity and be a part of the mission crew?
You should always be on the alert for any disasters that may come your way.

You must continue to develop and produce at the same time as you are constantly trying to survive.
In Journey to the Horizon, a different experience awaits you in the depths of space and mars, surviving as a lost crew will not be enough.

As the entire crew of the ship, you must rebuild the shattered ship and fulfill humanity’s mission to colonize planets.

What will you find in Horizon journey?

Continuous improvement using your unique crafting skills.
You must find your route again in space.
You must gather resources to survive.
You must develop your strategy to survive against dangers in space and on the planet mars.

In the 4-player Co-op experience, you must cooperate as a crew.
You will experience and explore the planet with its day and night cycle and its real atmosphere.
You’ll learn and gain new resources as you continue to explore old colony quests.
You will not be content with just surviving on the planet, but you will make it a livable planet.
Single and Co-op experience awaits you, blended with the Story.
While experiencing this unique experience, missions from Earth will also accompany you.
Explore the underworld and riches to explore on the planet with crafting and buildable open planet as well as vehicles.
Expand your colony and source control.
Will you be lost among failed endeavour missions? Or will you build a new habitable planet on a unique Mars adventure?

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