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The fun continues on a different hill, while you get lost in the missions, a friend who seems friendly may become a fraud and become a victim of his choice.
Or the game may want to send an evil spirit to you suddenly, and your teammates will now appear to you as victims.
You will look for more than one way to progress without making your teammates feel this situation.

What Awaits Players In Impostor Mode

  • The victim and his tactical executions randomly determined during the game.
  • Jump far across the map with nomadic fire jumps and shorten the distance between victims.
  • Make yourself feel friendly by helping with quests or save time by sabotaging quests.
  • Test and expose the impostor in the consensus area.
  • Gain strategic advantage by gaining map control.
  • Missions that keep getting harder each time.
  • Players sentenced to death in the death dominion and different abilities that the game offers to the killer at certain time intervals.
  • Players who die are considered good spirits and continue to help their teammates.
  • Freaks that will make you jump in tight spaces and unexpected sections, and more.
  • Finish tasks fast and stay safe by working together.
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